Maris welcomes you! 

                 I tell stories using the flotsam and jetsam of life's leftovers. Sometimes I begin with an object, sometimes I build from a concept, sometimes I fiddle and nuture a dream memory until it becomes an elaborate narrative. Othertimes the story is sparsly simple or even hidden, revealing itself through the beholder's eye.
                I play with my materials, feeling their textures, pushing properties, eliciting new perceptions. I juxtapose objects until something from another lifetime is remembered. I introduce ideas and edit others to manipulate and conjure a spark of wonder and amusement. Through a process of bringing together and pulling apart and reaassembling I offer you an adventure to discover.
               I love the process, I love the bits and pieces and I love giving you a story.
                           What is the story?  You tell me!

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